General Information

General Information:

1. The League Director shall act upon any and all situations not covered explicitly in these rules. All decisions will be final.

2. MoveDon Soccer League offers a Soccer Program for the recreational enjoyment of the participants. MoveDon Soccer League is the sole governing body of this program.

3. MoveDon Soccer League reserves the right to expel any team from the league for reasons of conduct, failure to observe rules, regulations, and procedures and/or failure to field a team for 2 or more games. Written notification of such actions will be provided to the individual and/or team manager.

4. The current FIFA Laws of the Game with the amendments included within this document will be the rules of competition for outdoor play. Teams are responsible for knowing the rules.

5. The game shall be played between two teams 11 Co-Ed players (at least 3 female) each for full field games. A team may play with only 2 female players but must play with a total of only 10 players until a 3rd female enters the field. A team may also play with only 1 female player but must play with a total of only 9 players until a 2nd or 3rd female enters the field.

6. It is essential that the necessary safety rules are followed at all times without exception. It is essential for all players to enter the game with the attitude that this is a recreational activity, which contact can occur and that good sportsmanship will always prevail.

Practice makes perfect.

Recreational is a more laid back playing environment with shorter halves. Intermediate play allows for more established teams that would like to play more competitively with longer halves. Slide tackles are NOT allowed at any level of play. Players may play on multiple teams and in more than one division. However, fees must be paid for each team or division for which the player registers. All players are welcome to participate from age 16 and up. 
Team assignments will be made the week prior to the first scheduled game and notices will be emailed to all players. No refunds.

If games are canceled due to bad weather, an email will be sent to all team captains as soon as possible prior to the start of the game. If no email is sent, it is safe to assume that the game will take place as scheduled. Check our FaceBook page for last minute cancellations.
Insurance Coverage:
All play is at your own risk.
League Rules: 
USSF Laws of the Game with modifications. Co-ed 11v11 soccer with at least 3 women on the field. Play can start with as few as seven (7) other players as long as there is at least one (1) woman on the field. If no women players are present at kickoff, the team will forfeit. State or national association fees or cards are not required by the league.
How the Games are Played?
Teams not fielding a minimum of 7 players by 10 minutes after scheduled start time will forfeit the game but the game will still be played as a scrimmage game.
11 v 11 play with 3 certified referees, official goals, nets and lines
2 Divisions: Recreational Co-ed with 2 (25 Minute) halves Intermediate Co-ed with 2 (40 Minute) halves
Pre-game warm-up should be completed before the start of the game in order for the games to run on schedule.

Inclement Weather & Rescheduled Games:

A final decision will be made at least 2 hours prior to game time. In the event that inclement weather may cancel games.
All schedule changes will be posted to the website and our league Facebook and Twitter pages. It is the Captain’s responsibility to check the website prior to each game for any changes. All players are encouraged to join our social media pages for the latest game day updates. 

Rescheduled Games:
1. A preliminary schedule will be release at Manager’s Meeting about a week prior to the start of the league. A team has one week to request any changes, free of charge.
2. After the FINAL schedule is posted, any changes requested by any team there will be a $20 charge per game per change.
3. There will be no changes without fee granted within 72 hours (3 days) of schedule game day.
4. If your team is unable to attend your scheduled game, you must contact us at least 36 hours prior to the game. If your request in less than 72 hours from game day your team will be charge the officiating and administration fees of: $75. This fee will be paid before your next scheduled game or your team will be taken off the schedule.
5. Make-up games may be scheduled at any time. Original schedules may change. Any changes will result in a notification via phone and email to the team Manager/Coach.

Game Day procedures

1. Team/Player check-in: All players must be present, dressed and ready for play at least 5 minutes before scheduled game time.

a. Players under the age of 18 must have the youth eligibility form completed, signed and on file with the ISA.

2. If a team has an outstanding balance the team will not be allowed to check in until the issue is resolved.

MoveDon Additional Laws of the Game:

1. FIFA Laws of the game apply with the following modifications.

2. Length of Play – Co-Ed Recreational games will be 2 x 25 minute halves, 10 minute half-time. Co-Ed Intermediate games will be 2 x 40 minute halves, 10 minute half-time.

3. Divisions: Games are played full field, 11 v 11 players, men and women (at least 3 females per team). A team may play with only 2 female players on the field but must play with a total of only 10 players until a 3rd female enters the field. A team may also play with only 1 female player but must play with a total of only 9 players until a 2nd or 3rd female enters the field. If there are zero women that the team must forfeit.


5. Players may be added to the roster up to the start of the final league game. Players may not be added during any playoff competition, or tournament play. NO GUEST PLAYERS DURING PLAY-OFFS!

6. Ball In & Out of Play – Ball remains in play within the touchlines and goal lines. Each team is required to bring two game balls per game, submitted and approved by the referee.

7. Player substitutions: substitutions can be made during the course of play; players must enter and leave the field at the halfway line. Player leaving the field must be completely off the field before the substitute may enter.

Disciplinary Actions:

1. FIFA Laws of the game apply.

a. Cautions (yellow cards) and send-offs (red cards) are recorded and monitored. Cautions and send-offs will result in player suspensions. Player fines apply as follows.

b. Fines must be paid in cash to MoveDon Soccer League for a player to return to play.

1. Accumulation of three (3) yellow cards in a season = 1 game suspension and a $30.00 fine.

2. Two (2) yellow cards in a single game = red card. Player must sit out the remainder of that game and must sit out the next scheduled game. A player sent off may not be substituted for. A $30.00 fine is incurred.

3. Red card (send-off) – player is expelled for the remainder of the game, will receive a minimum of a one (1) game suspension. $30.00 fine.

4. Red Card for serious foul play, violent conduct, or foul and abusive language will receive a suspension of a minimum of 2 games and may result in further suspension to the discretion of MoveDon Soccer League. Minimum fine is $50.00.

5. Any player accumulating 2 or more red cards in any 12-month period will be subject to suspension from the MoveDon Soccer League indefinitely.

c. Any player, coach or spectator sent off must leave the facility by their own means


1. The MoveDon Soccer League staff shall be the sole judge in the evaluation of a protest and there will be no further appeals or hearings.

2. No protests shall be received or considered if it is based solely on the accuracy of judgment on the part of the official(s) (judgment calls).

4. Protest forms will be filled out with the field supervisor. The coach/manager will complete the protest form.

5. The team manager will sign the protest form, attach $50 cash and submit it to the field supervisor at the time of the ruling. If the protest is upheld the $50 shall be refunded, if denied the $50 shall be deposited in a general fund.

3. The protest will be made within 30 minutes of the game completion.


1. Jersey:

a. All teams must have jerseys with visible numbers. No Jersey, no play. T-shirts in uniform color scheme are acceptable.

b. Numbers are required on the back of the uniform jersey (minimum of 6 inches). No duplicate numbers.

2. Shorts: players will wear like color shorts or sweatpants.

3. Shoes: Only one piece molded rubber shoes are acceptable. No screw-in cleats.

4. Shin guards: All players must wear shin guards.

5. Jewelry: all jewelry must be removed. This includes weddings rings. Exception: Medical ID’s and religious emblems can be worn if made safe to the discretion of the referees.


1. League champions will receive individual awards. The number of awards will be equal to the number of paid participants on the roster, no more than 20 and will be provided to the Team Manager/Coach for distribution to the team.

2. League Champions will also receive $25 off the next season’s Team Registration Fee.

3. Tie breakers:

A. Head to Head

B. Head to Head Goal Differential

C. Goals Against

D. Goals For

E. Forfeit

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