Ultimate Guide To Managing An Indoor Soccer Team

Every team needs a captain so why not you?

5 Tips To Running A Great Indoor Team

1. Make it Fun
2. Communicate at a high level while not making it annoying. 
3. Uniforms, Team Names & Branding
4. Convenience is king
5. Sponsorship

If you follow these tips and tricks to running a great indoor adult soccer team everyone will have a better UX. (That's geek speak for user experience)

Make It Fun

     Soccer is fun naturally so mainly the goal is not to mess it up and get in the way of the fun. Everybody wants to have fun and if you really listen everyone will have something to say about how the experience could be a little more fun for them. When it comes to difficult decisions the best way to keep your momentum going is to get a consensus from everyone on the team. Majority rules and it's more like a family when everyone get's a say. 


     Soccer teams are unique. Each one has its own seasonal story. Communication tools that let your players set their own notification settings, have a calendar, and allow for photos and videos to be archived lets everyone communicate in a sophisticated way that's not 'one-more-thing" to worry about. 
Luckily for you the app store has a tool for that. The most well respected team management apps are, Band app, Team Snap, Spond, Heja and groupMe.

[Skip this next paragraph if you already have your group communication app and you're not interested in the pedantic differences of all these different team/group apps]

Team Management App Review of Band AppThe Band App has been around the longest and has gone through the most updates. This app has stood the test of time and managed to persist with clever contests for cash and prizes for new teams to join and participate in. This app comes with a calendar, custom notifications, and  features photo and video media albums so you can share the fun with everyone in the group. Not affiliated with any other social media platform and completely free.  

Team Snapp App ReviewTeam Snap is the most used soccer mom app of choice due tho their strong push to give incentives soccer clubs into adapting their platform. $9.99/mo. or $70/ yr. 

Spond is free to use and we do not share your private information with anyone. The only cost is a transaction fee if you choose to collect money from group members.

Easy to coordinate. Free to use and great for a beginner team manager or captain. Paid pro version unlocks desktop use. 

Group Me app reviewNo smartphone? No problem. Groupme is a text based app that sends a notification out to everyone via text each time anyone comments on the team thread. Any text messages sent/received are subject to standard text messaging rates determined by your mobile phone carrier. Share photos, videos, location and create a custom calendar. Even keep track of attendance. 


3. Uniforms, Team Names & Branding

This is as close as we're going to get to prime time so we might as well feel good by looking good. Teams with awesome names and uniforms attract the best players and have more fun. Some great resources for finding team swag are listed below. 


  1. Alibaba Express     
  2. Wish.com
  3. Teespring.com
  4. Epicspors.com
  5. Soccer.com

Each website has different customization and shipping options. A good team manager will have everyone bought off on the team name and the jersey options at least two weeks in advance to account for shipping. Color coordination is very important in league play and while you can get away with just telling everyone to bring the same color shirt to wear the really good team mangers have a great solution for ordering jerseys and outfitting everyone with a sharp uniform. 

Team Names   

From the Princess Muffincakes to the Gorilla Thunder. Every team name has a good mission, vision and team chant. Whether your strategy is to use your name as a decoy or strike fear into the hearts of your opponent. Your team name stays with you and becomes your reputation season after season.   

Using Freelancer.com to create a logo.

    Speaking from personal experience 'freelancer.com contests' is the absolute best solution to procuring a professional logo ready for reproduction for the absolute lowest cost. 

After you get your logo you can use Stickermule.com to print out some low cost stickers so that your crew can up-level your team's profile right away. 

MVP Trophy

Voting for an MVP after each game is a fun ritual and it's even better when the MVP get's their photo taken with an MVP trophy after every game. 

4. Convenience is King

People will pay for convenience. Location, travel, and mindful communication can increase the value of playing on your team compared to a team with the alternative. It only takes one instance of sloppy communication, poor timing or unclear instructions about the time/date and location for experienced players to say sayonara sucka!

5. Sponsorship

Obtaining a sponsor for your adult soccer team is the highest level of adult soccer team management. Whether it's indoor or outdoor the value exchange for a local business to step in and infuse your team with cash is the work of a gifted entrepreneur and a talented leader. Sometime in-kind sponsorships can be obtained through the barter system and other times there are local organizations who like to get involved with their local community who will sponsor the cost of the team's jersey's. Real estate brokers, insurance agents, chiropractors, massage locations, restaurants, lawyers and home service companies are great places to start. Of course it helps to be handy with digital media but it doesn't take a genius to slap a logo on a piece of fabric. 

Iron-On Transfers can be found at StickerYou.com

Vistaprint.com makes custom logo teeshirts as well. 


Of course finding a league to play in that matches your level of commitment is the biggest challenge since managing a league is not a money making activity many recreation centers and clubs just put the minimal amount of effort into organizing their leagues so that their facilities stay rented. 

A proper league has posted schedules, ongoing standings, two referees to be able to properly make an 'off-sides' call off and a trophy given to the winners at the end of the season. 

Luckily for teams in Denver there is MovedonSoccerLeague.com

In the Fall and the Winter months Movedon Soccer organizes 10 teams per season to play in a 7 game 9V9 season with one or more additional game being played in the championship playoffs. They have certified referees and provide special happy hour offers to league players from nearby restaurants as well as a end of the season trophy that get's engraved with your name on it. 

Team registration is $1,000 and individual registration is $90 which makes the cost $13 or less, per player, per game!

Get registered today at: www.MovedonSoccerLeague.com

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